The Somerset End of Life Education team was formed in July 2020 in response to a growing demand for cross-organisational working to improve the quality and parity of access to EOLC Education. Whilst the team are employed by Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, they are funded from Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group, and as such are expected to work with teams countywide who support those living with life-limiting conditions.

The Somerset End of Life Education team are:

Dr Jo Lutyens

Laura James

Amy Giles

Karen Peters

This website was created in partnership with our Trust colleague Jackie Shrimpton, ICS Workforce Bereavement Support Strategy Co-ordinator

Our team would like to state their thanks for the collaboration and support of Philippa Shreeve and the Derbyshire Palliative Care Alliance, and for their generosity in sharing their well established and highly commended website template.

The website could not have been created without the time, support and input from the wider network. The team would specifically like to thank:

  • Andy Hill, Eelke Zoestburgen and the DOTS team at Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
  • Sarah Ireland, Ann Fulton, Joy Milliken, Clare Marks, Amanda Wilkins and Ian Lintern at St Margaret’s Hospice
  • Hollie Gale, Michelle Jones and Emma Frampton at Dorothy House Hospice Care
  • Dr Fiona Chiplen, John Bailey and Karen Murphy at Weston Hospicecare
  • Mary Martin from SFT Community Nursing
  • Dr Lucy Edwards and the Primary Care
  • Fiona Robinson, Nic Montacute, Dr Charlie Davis, Dr Amelia Stockley, Dr Lucy Pollock, Dr Tom MacConnell, Sophie Saint, Liz Berry, Helen Gilliland, Rob Lutyens, Rachael Holmes, Pip Bedingfield, Scott Gibbs, Paul Hopkins, Donna Berridge, Shane Lord, Fiona Reid and Mark Palmer, our colleagues at Somerset Foundation Trust & Yeovil District Hospital
  • Sean Taylor at Somerset County Council Adult Social Care
  • Carter Weleminksy and Mike Haslam, our partners in the spiritual care sector
  • Our contacts in the care provider network, particularly Somerset Care and Butterfields

Lastly, to our children; we dedicate our careers to working in palliative care and as a consequence some days can seem very grey. Thank you for the sunshine you bring to our world. Everything we strive for is for you.